An early example of Marcos’ flagship model, this 1997 Mantis is a good, usable example that has benefited from a number of aftermarket upgrades to enhance its aesthetics and performance.

Fitted with a new Ford Quad-Cam engine in 2000, this Mantis has since been equipped with highly desirable GAZ Gold dampers and adjustable top mounts. To take full advantage of these suspension upgrades, it was subjected to a thorough set-up by a performance specialist in 2017, the results felt in the car’s road-holding and cornering abilities. The rest of the drivetrain performs well, with the T45 5-speed gearbox and BTR LSD providing a smooth driving experience, matched by the excellent braking capabilities of 6-pot AP Racing brakes.

As can be seen in the pictures, the engine bay is that of a regularly driven car and, as such, would benefit from a thorough clean and tidy-up. Underneath, though in reasonable condition at the moment, the chassis will require corrosion treatment and prevention measures to prolong its lifespan.

Cosmetically, the British Racing Green paintwork is presentable but is showing some stone chips on the nose. In addition to custom Kevlar brake ducts, this Mantis has been retro-fitted with Aston Martin Vantage/DB9 rear lights, giving it an eye-catching and unique appearance.

On the inside, the peppermint green leather, fitted in 2009 by a well-known Marcos trimmer, is in good condition, contrasting the darker green carpets well and showing only minor signs of wear. The hood, though usable, could be enhanced with some minor repair work and a thorough clean.

This Mantis is fitted with Marcos’ usual features, all of which are functional: electrically adjustable pedals, electric mirror glasses, electric windows, and a heated screen.

We believe that this is a car that can be used and enjoyed. With some relatively minor work as outlined above, it will be a desirable, well-presented example.

Colour: British Racing Green

Interior: Peppermint Green Leather with Elm Wood Dashboard

Steering: Right-Hand Drive

Engine: 4.6L Ford V8

Mileage: 56,750

Gearbox: 5-Speed Manual

Price: £POA