Joe is well known in Marcos and other sportscar circles. With 37 years in the sportscar industry, he has been deeply involved with the design, development and production of road and racing sports cars, gaining enviable experience restoring sports cars to concours winning standard.

He joined Marcos Sports Cars in the mid eighties and at one point was the sole engineer assembling factory built V8 Marcos Mantula’s.  Instrumental with the development of the Mantara type approval project and all model variants produced during the 90s. Joe became a major part of the works Team Marcos endurance racing team, winning the British GT championship in 1995 and, along with his number 71 Marcos LM600 team, won the best pit crew technical assistance award at the prestigious LeMans 24hr. He gradually worked his way through the company to ultimately become the production and service manager.

After a spell with Marcos Heritage in 2001, Joe moved to The Invicta Car Company as a development engineer.  Integral in the creation of the first single piece carbon fibre bodied supercar, the Invicta S1-320, Joe continued to evolve the S1 over the next 8 years, designing and implementing key changes as head of production.

With a wealth of experience gained over 3 decades, Joe joined forces with Jeremy Kearns in 2009 at Redline Sportscars, overseeing a small team of dedicated engineers with a deep passion for the Marcos marque and all other fine sports cars.

Outside of work and keeping with engineering, Joe has been a lifelong aero modeller and can be found walking coastal paths for a slightly slower pace of life.




Beginning his career as an apprentice at Volvo in 1974, Dave has spent the past five decades working in the automotive industry. Joining Marcos cars in 1992, Dave oversaw production of Marcos’ first type approval car, the Mantara, later becoming service manager.

Having spent 15 years at Volvo, Dave is tremendously experienced in servicing, rebuilding and tuning the B18, B20 and B30 engines as used by Marcos in the 1960s. Dave’s 9 years as a senior figure at Marcos Cars have led to him becoming one of the forthright authorities on the Mantara, LM and Mantis models, his expertise often called upon by Marcos owners.

Purchasing and assembling his first Marcos, a Coupe kit, in 1983, Dave has since gone on to own a Mantis Coupe and Mantara, the latter being regularly displayed at Marcos gatherings throughout the UK.




Having spent much of his childhood in the workshops of Marcos and Invicta, Jack has always taken a keen interest in historic and specialist cars

Since completing a degree in Motorsport Technology at the University of Bath in 2016, Jack has worked with a number of motorsport teams. Through this experience, Jack has developed a broad skillset, including expertise in welding and fabrication, engine rebuilding as well as electrical fault finding and repair.

In addition to motorsport, Jack utilised his engineering skill as Engineering and Product Development Manager at Polaroid 3D. As a result of his involvement in this field, CAD and 3D printing have become fundamental in the development of unique parts at Redline Sportscars.

In his spare time, Jack regularly competes at endurance karting events across Europe, partaking in multiple 24 hour races over the past few years.




Owen is currently attached to the Heritage Skills Academy at Bicester Heritage.

Owen has attended motorsport events across the UK since a very young age. He was a regular visitor to Redline Sportscars for 10 years prior to the start of his apprenticeship in 2021.

Learning from engineers with decades of experience, Owen endeavours to possess the necessary skill and knowledge to complete restorations of the highest calibre.